Mrs. Obama

Ask European media to investigate fundraising fraud. Send a petition!

Meet Real Mrs. Obama
Wenn die Luege gross genug ist und oft genug wiederhold wird, wird sie

Since the media have been “reporting” lies about Sarah Palin, it’s only fair to tell truth about Mrs. Obama.

Mr. Colbert, do you know what Mrs. Obama did to get $300000 a year?

Mr. Colbert, if you think Cindy McCain’s wealth is a fair game, then you should attack the Obama family’s nouveau riche lifestyle too.

Mr. Colbert, do you know what Mrs. Obama did in Chicago?
Mrs. Obama’s Work At “Citadel Of Exclusion”

Where’s Kaney West when you need him?
Mrs. Obama Doesn’t Like Poor Black People,CST-NWS-hosp23.article

Barack Obama Could Make Health Care More Affordable If His Wife Doesn’t Find Out.

Mrs. Obama Pocketed Tax Dollars

Hypocrisy of Mrs. Obama: Mrs. Obama tells Ohio women to turn their backs on big money

Mr. and Mrs. Obama: Out of Touch
Did you know that the Obama children go to an exclusive private school and Mr. and Mrs. Obama spend about $10,000 a year on extracurriculars outside the classroom, on piano and dance and sports supplements and so on and so forth.
And who can forget Mr. Obama’s $600 earings!$600_earrings

Mr. Colbert, did you know Mrs. Obama worked for Wal-Mart?

Mrs. Obama is Sooooo Smart she can be competent putting 70% in!

Poor, poor Mrs. Obama

Mrs. Obama’s Thesis


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  1. […] it about time the media started investigating Mr. Obama, his subprime ties, his Chicago days, his wife, ACORN, Ayers […]

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