Hunting and Factory Farming

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Sarah Palin Hunts Moose and Kills Wolves!
Quelle Horreur!!!!

Hateful Obamacrats say PUMAs who vote for Sarah Palin are stupid.
They say real Dems cannot vote for Sarah Palin because she is a cruel person who  hunts moose and kills wolves.
Are Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama and their kids vegany?
I don’t think so. They eat meat and drink milk.
Factory farming is more cruel and eco-unfriendly than hunting moose and killing wolves.
Witness the cruelty with your own eyes!

If you still think Palin is more cruel than the Obamas, I can only say that that kind of hypocrisy is the reason we still can’t even stop canned hunting.

Canned Hunting
Facts about Canned Hunts
Visit The Humane Society’s web site
and learn more.

Canned Hunts Videos

Canned Hunting in Maine

Did you know fur animals are skinned alive?
Tell that to Obama supporter, J. Lo.


One Response to Hunting and Factory Farming

  1. […] are kind, aren’t we? We are even kind to animals and all living creatures like trees and moose, except of course unborn babies or babies accidentally born because of botched […]

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