Trashing Sarah Palin

Fellow Democrats, Be Consistent!
If you are one of those liberals who believed Ken Starr was totally partisan,
then don’t even talk about the Troopergate.
The investigation was led by a very partisan Obama supporter.
If you condemned the character assassination of Graeme Frost,
then you should be apalled by the character assassination of Joe the Plumber.
If you think calling Sarah Palin “white trash” is fair,
then don’t you dare complain
if somebody calls Obama’s wife “a ghetto ho”.

Mitgefuehl ist die Basis der Moral.

June 11, 2009

Letterman thinks raping Palin’s daughter is funny

November 4

New Troopergate report clears Palin

October 19

Mr. Colbert, we, the Democrats, are kind, aren’t we? We are even kind to animals and all living creatures like trees and moose, except of course unborn babies or babies accidentally born because of botched abortions.

Mr. Colbert, Did you get angry when Republicans character assassinated a 12-year-old boy named Graeme Frost who gave the Democrats’ weekly radio address in 2007?
Did you condemn those Republicans?
If you did, then you should condemn those Democrats who are smearing Joe the Plumber.
The media bias is really beyond belief.
Time even published a piece condemning those who attacked Frost, but the main stream media are cheering Joe’s attackers.
Is that because Frost was a boy and Joe is an adult?
Well, never mind Joe has a young son ???
Or could it be because Frost is a Democrat and Joe is NOT?
Jodi Kantor (NYT) has been trying to coerce teenagers on Facebook into cooperating with her to find dirt on Cindy McCain.
Is that journalism?
Has any reporter ever conducted any investigation on Obama’s wife?
The audacity of Barack Obama

Joe the Plumber is not running for president.
Cindy is a decent person.
Isn’t it about time the media started investigating Mr. Obama, his subprime ties, his Chicago days, his wife, ACORN, Ayers ?

Mr. Colbert, did you know that your friend Markos Moulitsas, the same man of diminutive statue who decried the original swiftboaters has now become the loudest dirtiest most despicable swiftboater ?
Daily Kos has attacked Joe Wurzelbacher as “Joe the Racist Plumber.”
Daily Kos also published Wurzelbacher’s address online, now he’s defending his smear job.
What’s wrong with Mr. Moulitsas? Is this the revenge of the nerds? Are the childhood memories of being bullied by tall good-looking jocks still haunting him? He’s a sad man. I pitty him.

October 17

Make a Difference Today– Help Stop Media Witch Hunt Against Joe the Plumber and His Son
“He’s trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he’s fighting for,” Obama said. “How many plumbers do you know that are making a quarter-million dollars a year?”
So, Mr. Obama clearly thinks only lawyers and doctors and his wife with that sweetheart deal are entilted to make a quarter-million dollars a year. Mr. Obama, please wipe that smug off your face! You’re making me nauseous!


Mr. Colbert, I love Vicious Rumors. They still rock!
But vicious rumors about Sarah Palin? Well, that’s another story.

Mr. Colbert, do you remember Michael Newdow who filed a lawsuit against inclusion of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance?
When pro-life-God-loving right wingers left death threats in his answering machine, I thought to my self: This is why I loathe the Republicans. What part of this nasty attack can possibly be considered pro-life and God-loving? Democrats would never do such a thing! We Democrats are tolerant, inclusive, kind. Democrat Christians are New Testaments Christians and we have that “turn-the-other-cheak” spirit and we talk the talk and walk the walk.

Obviously, I was wrong.

Hatefilled Obamedia and Obama followers are spewing venom!
Mr. Colbert, if a rightwing sites started vicious rumors about Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their children, or just started trashing the One and his family, wouldn’t you be ridiculing those sites?
Did you know your friend  Markos Moulitsas Zúniga’s Daily Kos is spewing hate and “reporting ” vicious rumors abour Sarah Palin?

Do you know what Obamacrats said and are saying about Sarah Palin?

Mr. Colbert, you obviously didn’t mind Us Weekly’s Palin cover.
Did you appreciate New Yorker’s Obama/Obama’s wife cover?

Mr. Colbert, calling Sarah Palin “white trash” is just as offensive as calling Mrs. Obama “Aunt Jamima.”
Mr. Colbert, if you think calling Sarah Palin a “hick”/”trailer trash” with hick hair is funny, then you should be laughing if someone calls Mrs. Obama “Big Ghetto Mama with flat-ironed hair”.
Mr. Colbert, since you were silent when a Canadian columnist called Sarah Palin’s supporters “white trash”, you’d better not complain if someone calls Mr. Obama’s black supporters “uneducated black people”.
Mr. Colbert, since you didn’t mind Bristol’s boyfriend being called “redneck”/”ratboy”, you should’t
mock anybody who might call Mr. Obama’s children welfare babies.
Mr. Colbert, since you didn’t criticize the Canadian columnist who said “Alaska is a frontier state of drunks and crazy people”, you shouldn’t criticize anyone who might say Harlem is a place full of low life crack addicts, pimps, hoes and criminals.
Mr. Colbert, since you don’t seem to mind Sarah Palin being called John McCain’s “fuck buddy”, you shouldn’t get angry if somebody calls Mrs. Obama “Tony Rezko’s fuck buddy”.
Mr. Colbert, since you were silent when Obama followers and Obamedia called Sarah Palin’s daughter a “bimbo”, “hillbilly”, you should be silent if someone calls Mr. Obama’s children “ghetto hoes”.

Mr. Colbert, Sarah Palin was called “stupid”, “retarded”, “a cheap porn star”. Some even said “Hey, don’t knock that woman and her fertile family. We need the likes of them to increase the gene pool with more low-IQ people to join the military and keep popping babies for our country’s future.”

Now, imagine she’s black.

You’d be screaming RACISM. But since Palin is white and conservative, you probably think all those comments are amusing. I now see why the right really hate us.


List of Obamabots Smear Jobs

November 4

Obama Targets Plumbers for a Laugh in Speech on Taxes

Radio Host and HuffPo Writer: “I want Joe The Plumber Dead!”

October 28

Sarah Palin effigy hung by noose in Halloween display

Another hate-filled intolerant Democrat, this time an 82-year-old woman tries to justify her calling Sarah Palin a bitch

October 25

The Palin Trig-ger
Looking behind the hostility.
October 20

Jon Stewart to Sarah Palin: ‘[Expletive] You.’

Car displaying McCain sticker vandalized

Photos: Minnesota Left’s political tolerance
October 19

Loathing Sarah Palin
The Two Months Hate of feminists.

McCain Camp Fires Back at Times for Cindy McCain Story
McCain camp outraged at New York Times story addressing Cindy McCain’s past painkiller addiction, questions why the paper hasn’t investigated Barack Obama’s youthful drug use

EXCLUSIVE: .22 Gunshot, paint balls fired at McCain / Palin Straight Talk Express

October 18

Now they are after Cindy McCain too!!!
Gray Lady trolls Facebook for trash on Cindy McCain

October 14
John Cleese on Sarah Palin
John Cleese says Palin is like a parrot. She can give good speeches without understanding a word.
Funny, that’s exactly how I feel about Obama!!!!

Halloween display aims for ‘shock value’
Democratic backer sends message by showing McCain, in KKK robe, chasing Obama
Well, at least Mrs. Obama doesn’t need a costume or a mask. She can go trick or treating as hereslf since she’s the scariest looking thing in this world.

October 13

Obamabots Wearing “Sarah Palin is a Cunt T-shirts”.
Well, Mr. Colbert, if you think those T-shirts are “funny” or even “cute, then you have no right what-so-ever to complain if someone makes “Obama’s WIfe is a Big Fugly Gorilla” T-shirts.
Obamabots should be wearing “Obama Is A CAN’T” T-shirts!

Palin Republicunt/Bro’s before Ho’s/Life is already a bitch. Don’t vote for one T-shirts

Sarah Palin putting the “cunt” back in our Country. …. yeah right. Mr. Colbert, let’s see how you would feel if a Republican was wearing a “Obama’s wife putting the ho back in Homosapiens” T-shirt. Well, Obama IS putting the “con” back in our eCONomy.

October 12
McCain Supporters Need To Learn To Act Like Obama Supporters

October 9

Palin Hacker the son a Democratic Tennessee lawmaker pleaded not guilty


Mr. Colbert, when Sandra Bernhard said “Sarah Palin would be gang-raped by blacks in Manhattan”.you were silent.
How would you react if a white comedian said “Obama’s wife will be gang-raped by KKK members in the south.”? (OK, this is not a good example because real white supremacists wouldn’t want to touch Obama’s wife with a ten-foot pole.)

Mr. Colbert, if you think writing “Trig’s mother is Palin’s oldest daughter” is reporting, then you shouldn’t be upset when somebody says “Obama was registered as a Muslim”. Because he WAS.

Mr. Colbert, if you think this site is funny,
then you have no right to attack anybody who might collect donations to sterilize Mr. Obama’s daughters, or to fix Mrs. Obama’s overbite. Mr. Colbert, aren’t we, the Democrats, supposed to be pro-choice? What part of “choice” can’t you understand? Bristol CHOSE to have the baby. Respect her CHOICE and shut up!

Mr. Colbert, why aren’t you roasting this site with satire?
How about this?

Mr. Colbert, if a rightwing hacker whose father is a Republican politician hacked into Obama’s computer, wouldn’t you be ridiculing the hacker to death?
Where was the outrage when an Obamabot violated Palin’s privacy?
Hacker is an Obamabot
FATHER OF HACKER Is Tennessee Dem State Rep

Mr. Colbert, when your fans vandalized “elephant” Wikipedia article, it was funny.
But do you think vandalizing Sarah Palin’s wiki entry is funny?

Left Calls Sarah Palin Family Rednecks
Retarded Republican Babies for Palin T-Shirt is just as disgusting as  “Nappy haired crack babies for Obama” T-shirt.

More Palin-bashing sites
Character Assassination


10 Responses to Trashing Sarah Palin

  1. […] I am very sorry this slipped by me. I barely listened to a small snippet of it. I humbly apologize to all who saw this trash. Thanks to ColbertURDead2Me for the heads up on this Video in their Comment at PA Pundits. “I’m a really far left bluest of the blue state Democrat and I’m totally disgusted by Palin bashing/mocking. Whoever think this video is funny, visit the following site.“ […]

  2. […] UPDATE:: For a comprehensive list of Palin attacks, and an excellent slap down of the despicable Stephen Colbert, read Trashing Sarah Palin […]

  3. Joanne says:

    Know the TRUTH about OBAMA before you trash Sarah Palin…
    FACT-Obama is not a natural born US citizen! He was born in Kenya – Even his grandmother says so!
    FACT-Only natural born US citizens can run for US President, per the Constitution of the USA.
    FACT-Per the immigration laws on the record at the time of Obama’s birth, his mother had to be 19 years old when she gave birth to Obama in KENYA to make him a US citizen. The immigration law in 1961 states that a you have to be a US citizen 5 yrs after the age of 14/yo for your children born abroad and be a natural born US citizen. Obama’s mother gave birth to Obama when she was 18/yo not 19/yo. Therefore, Obama is NOT a natural born US citizen.
    FACT-After the divorce of Obama’s mother from Obama’s father, his mother married an ‘Indonesian’ named LoLo Soetoro. This made Obama’s mother an ‘Indonesian citizen’ and Obama could only attend the Indonesian school if he was Indonesian citizen.
    FACT-Indonesia does NOT allow dual citizenship. Obama still holds his ‘Indonesian citizenship’ and passport. He is not a US citizen!
    FACT-The birth certificate Obama is showing everyone that he states he is born in Hawaii, has been altered. No one can find records of the birth of Obama in any hospital in Hawaii – Strange don’t you think?
    FACT- Obama could have upon returning to the US taken the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ to the US to become a US citizen – as all US citizens do. But this has to be performed by a Federal Judge in court, at a US Embassy, or the Attorney General’s office of the US, and is recorded. There is NO RECORD of Obama taking this oath at any time.
    FACT- Even if Obama took the oath now today, he could still can NOT run for US President and he can NOT be a US senator.
    FACT- Don’t believe me… check it out for yourself at and Attorney Berg also has a video on U-Tube explaining the case
    FACT- Joseph Corsi wrote a book about Obama. He also went to Kenya personally and got certified copies of the birth and school documents and spoke with Obama’s grandmother. On Corsi’s return to the US, customs delayed him for 13/hrs and took his verifying documents of Obama’s information away! This information can be verified on U-Tube – CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF – BE INFORMED – MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!
    FACT-A lawsuit has been filed by Phillip Berg former Attorney Deputy of Pennsylvania in the eastern US District Court. His lawsuit explains all the details at Download it for yourself!

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  6. WOW! This is a great blog! I, too, have woken up to the hypocrisy in Colbert/Stewart and ditched them. Thanks for the comprehensive lists!

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  9. Jefferey Wiener says:

    Sarah palin is a great politician and she is a hard liner too in my opinion. ”

    <a href="See the helpful article on our blog page

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