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Mr. Colbert, can you imagine how disgusted I am?
What part of intimidating/bullying McCain supporters, calling anybody who questions Obama  “racist”, stealing votes, manipulating tally can possibly be coisidered “democratic”?
How can Mr. Obama call himself a “Democratic” candidate when his tactics are so  anti-Dmocratic?
Mr. Obama and his ACORN have undermined the very foundation of democracy!
It is trully DISGUSTING!
Mr. Colbert, did you just tell yourself “Get over it!” when Bush stole the 2000 election?
I bet you are still angry.
Well, multiply that anger by infinity, and take it to the depths of forever, and you will still only have a glimpse of how much I despise Mr. Obama.

I am disillusioned by the way Mr. Obama and his people trample democracy in the name of phony hope and change.
For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that Mr. Obama can bring change and hope.
Yeah, I know. It’s streching your imagination…..
But let’s assume Obama can do something good for America.
And because his campaign’s not sure if he can win fair and square, he and his people play all kinds of dirty tricks, like they did in the primaries and like they’re doing as we speak, and they win the election.
Are the Dems supposed to be happy and proud?
Isn’t it exactly like invading Iraq and killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis in the name of freedom and democracy?
Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be against “the end justifies the means” policy?
How can a real Democrat support a politician who uses the very tactics Democrats always decry?
Voter fraud, caucus cheating, voter intimidation, the race card… these are Karl Rove’s stock in trade.
Democrats  are not supposed to do those thing. Democrats are supposed to be fair and just.
So, Mr. Colbert, if you condemn the Iraq war, if you are against voter suppression and other dirty tricks, you should give a scathing indictment of Mr. Obama and his people.
Mr. Colbert, you might not remember what Mr. Obama has done and is doing, but many of us will never forget.

ACORN/OBAMA related articles — Updated Daily

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October 29

Voter rolls stuffed with dead and absent registrants
Mississippi’s voter situation is hard to believe. Places like Madison County have over 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18.

October 28

ACORN owes millions in back taxes?

October 25

ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Issue Festers

October 24

Group’s Tally of New Voters Was Vastly Overstated

October 23

Clifton Mitchell helped register nearly 2,000 voters for the community group ACORN. But not one of them actually existed.

October 20

Audacity of Mendacity: Obama Attempts To Keep ACORN’s Voter Registration Fraud Alive And Intimidate Dissenters

October 19

ACORN active in Oklahoma

October 18

Obama Demands DOJ Stop ACORN Probe
Gee, what a surprise. The Obama campaign is once again running to the Department Of Justice to try to get their way.
Which is, in this case, to be allowed to steal the election.
Republicans file new lawsuit against Brunner
Rebuffed at U.S. Supreme Court, they turn to Ohio’s top court

PAGOP Announces Lawsuit Against Secretary Of The Commonwealth And ACORN

October 17
Supreme Court Rules With Ohio Secretary of State on Voter Fraud Rules
The U.S. Supreme Court rules with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, granting her a stay to a temporary restraining order from a federal appeals court that ordered her to provide a system for implementing voter fraud prevention methods.

Obama supporter steals vote from disabled man

“Since the start of his political career, Obama has received a total of $331,528 in campaign contributions from people who served as staff and board members of non-profit groups that received grants from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC).”
Obama Contributors Emerged from Staff and Boards of Annenberg Grantees

ACORN Admits Project Vote is Part of ACORN

We now have undeniable proof that a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for the New Mexico legislature as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud.”

“Once a community organizer, then a foundation grant-maker, and now a lobbyist for direct government funding, Barack Obama has been with Acorn throughout his career. In return, Acorn is pledging to spend $35 million this year registering voters—both real and fictive.”
Obama: The Oak Grown from Acorn

October 16

Officials: FBI investigates ACORN for voter fraud

October 15

Obama drowning out McCain in TV ads

October 14
“The Justice Department needs to treat these fraud reports as something larger than a few local violators. The question is whether Acorn is systematically subverting U.S. election law — on the taxpayer’s dime.”
Obama and Acorn
Community organizers, phony voters, and your tax dollars.

Barack Obama lies about his ACORN past while agreeing to let the group shape the policies of his administration. He hopes his community organizer pals will help him make America “less mean-spirited.”

Mickey Mouse tried to register to vote in Florida this summer, but Orange County elections officials rejected his application, which had an ACORN stamp on it.

Obama shields ACORN from Criminal Prosecution in the Economic Crisis

The Complete Guide to ACORN Voter Fraud

Ohio county seeks fraud investigation of ACORN

ACORN’s 15 State Strategy for Voter Fraud

As if the voter-fraud allegations against ACORN aren’t enough, it is now being reported that at least 30,000 and possibly as many as 60,000 convicted felons in Florida are illegally registered to vote.

October 12

Obama’s Site ACORN Whitewash
Uncovering more Obama ACORN connections


Obama, Community Agitator, ACORN
“The agitator’s job, according to Alinsky, is first to bring folks to the ‘realization’ that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they deserve, and to make such an almighty stink that the dastardly governments and corporations will see imminent “self-interest” in granting whatever it is that will cause the harassment to cease.”
Minding Obama’s Business

October 11
Appeals court sides with Ohio secretary of state

On Obama, Acorn and Voter Registration

2000 New York Times article about Obama surrogate Corzine and ACORN
“Jon S. Corzine, the Democratic candidate for Senate, is expected to spend up to $2 million next week in an effort to get potential supporters to the polls, a sum that approaches the get-out-the-vote budget for many presidential contests.— they(campaign officials) said they had earmarked $1.5 million for workers whose sole job will be to encourage likely Corzine supporters to go to the polls.( snip)  Among them will be 75 members of New Jersey Acorn, a nonprofit housing organization that received $7,000.

US elections: America might not know who is new president until 10 days after voting
Barack Obama has been warned that he might have to wait until 10 days after the presidential election before finding out if he has won, if the contest is close, because of chaos counting the votes in key swing states.
Cuyahoga County investigates fraudulent voter registrations linked to ACORN

October 10
Government Money Used to Support ACORN Fraud
As Allegations Against ACORN Mount, So Does Pressure to Investigate, Cut-Off Public Funds to Corrupt Organization{172F62B6-9F58-43FA-8C18-9636D05C241A}&dist=hppr

Thousands of voter registration forms faked, officials say

Stealing Pennsylvania: “Massive Fraud”

October 9

The ACORN war rages on. Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) called today for a “full-scale” investigation into allegedly ACORN-led voter fraud in Missouri and across the nation. Up until just a few weeks ago, ACORN was an obscure community organizing group allied with Democrats and pushing for access to affordable housing.

Barack Obama’s Involvement with ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Recovered

Judge orders Ohio secretary of state to verify new voter registrations

Two Ohio voters were hounded by ACORN to register to vote several times, even though they made it clear they’d already signed up.

Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration

October 8
Voter-registration can’t be totally fraud-free, group says
Voter-registration group cites lack of resources

Is ACORN Stealing The Election?
Election Fraud: A radical group Barack Obama used to work for is committing voter-registration fraud in several states, ahead of the election. What does Obama know about this scam?
October 7
as a director at Chicago’s Woods Fund, Obama was successfully pushing for a major expansion of assistance to Acorn, and sending still more money Acorn’s way from his post as board chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Through both funding and personal-leadership training, Obama supported Acorn. And Acorn, far more than we’ve recognized up to now, had a major role in precipitating the subprime crisis.
Planting Seeds of Disaster
ACORN, Barack Obama, and the Democratic party.


Pittsburgh-area DA probing ACORN voter sign-ups

Motor Voter + ACORN = Vote Fraud

Democratic voter fraud will be greater this year than in any Presidential election since Mayor Richard Daley stuffed the Chicago ballot boxes for JFK in 1960 while Lyndon Johnson had hundreds of thousands of Texas absentee ballots burned before they could be counted.
ACORN, a left-wing activist group that supports Obama, is literally dragging homeless people, people from drug rehab centers, soup kitchens and women in domestic abuse shelters to the polling places for early voting. In Ohio any warm body can register and vote on the same day-an open invitation for voter fraud.
Big Fraud From Little Acorn Grows
Democrats Excel At Stealing Votes

ACORN raided in Nevada vote fraud probe
ACORN Nevada Office Raided

A recent study released by the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation provides proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud in the United States.
Voter Fraud Ignored by Government and Media

Voter fraud: How ACORN/Obama Democrats plan to win the election

RNC: Obama & Acorn Fact Sheet
The Acorn/Obama Rhetoric–acorn-fact/story.aspx?guid={29569FA1-136D-4B95-9D51-4EF9E87ED547}&dist=hppr

Looks like Camp Obama is trying to steal the 2008 US Presidential election.

Thousands of voter registration forms faked, officials say  (Indiana)

Conn. looking into voter cards submitted by ACORN–voteoct09,0,6354551.story

Missouri officials suspect fake voter registration

GOP Renews Complaints Over Voter Registrations (New Mexico)

Fraud suspected in voter sign-up (North Carolina)
ACORN, a grass-roots organization, submitted the forms to the Durham election board


Felons paid to register Wis. voters  (Wisconsin)

Bad voter applications found
Clerks see fraudulent, duplicate forms from group (Michigan)

Ballots cast in Houston using dead voters’ names

Obama’s Acorn: Voter Fraud 5-Year-Old Black Boy Gets Voter Registration Application

Acorn Registering Dead Voters

Acorn Michigan Voter Fraud

ACORN Voter Fraud in Kansas


What is ACORN?
ACORN Is A Bad Seed

ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess

ACORN began in 1970 as a spin-off from the National Welfare Rights Organization, founded by George Wiley, who enlisted civil rights workers and trained them in an Alinsky-influenced program at Syracuse University.

RNC: Obama & Acorn Fact Sheet
The Acorn/Obama Rhetoric–acorn-fact/story.aspx?guid={29569FA1-136D-4B95-9D51-4EF9E87ED547}&dist=hppr
There’s big money, in short, in “nonprofit” activism — and upward mobility. A guy carries a sign advocating “Change” in front of a bank and the government turns him into a salaried protester, credit analyst and dispenser of mortgage money.
“The changes came as radical ‘housing rights’ groups led by ACORN lobbied for such loans,” reports Investor’s Business Daily, regarding the Clinton era. “ACORN at the time was represented by a young public-interest lawyer in Chicago by the name of Barack Obama.”
Roots of rotten mortgages
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Spetember 29

Obama’s Community Organizing Experience Appears in his $80-million Immigration Reform Bill

ACORN’s business model involves choosing a corporate
target, attacking it, reaching a financial settlement,
and then beginning the cycle again with a different target.

Inside Acorn

ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities

Children of the ObamACORN

ACORN Issue Fueling Bailout Opposition
CBS News September 27

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to an offshoot of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for services the Democrat’s campaign says it mistakenly misrepresented in federal reports.
Obama to amend report on $800,000 in spending
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  Friday, August 22, 2008

The housing bill now before Congress would set up a slush fund for community organizations such as Acorn. But Acorn has gone quiet in its lobbying for the bill this week with the news that one of its employees — the brother of Acorn founder Wade Rathke — had stolen nearly $1 million from the group.
Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops
Wall Street Journal July 12, 2008;

Funds Misappropriated at 2 Nonprofit Groups
NY Times July 9

The ACORN Obama Knows
June 25

And while many reports speak of Obama’s post-law school role organizing “Project VOTE” in 1992, Foulkes makes it clear that this project was undertaken in direct partnership with Acorn. Foulkes then stresses Obama’s yearly service as a key figure in Acorn’s leadership-training seminars.
Inside Obama’s Acorn
By their fruits ye shall know them.
May 29, 2008

Obama’s Ties To ACORN More Substantial than first believed
May 29, 2008

‘He got people to vote with their feet’ on the issue, organizer Madeleine Talbot said. At the time, Talbot worked at the social action group ACORN and initially considered Obama a competitor. But she became so impressed with his work that she invited him to help train her staff.
LA Times March 2,1,6933215,full.story

Yesterday, ACORN’s political action committee endorsed Barack Obama for President. This is an important nod from a group that understands the urgent needs of Americans most hurt by this economy and how to organize for social and economic justice.
Feb. 22

Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons on the south side.
What Makes Obama Run?
Lawyer, teacher, philanthropist, and author Barack Obama doesn’t need another career. But he’s entering politics to get back to his true passion–community organization.
December 8, 1995


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