Must See Videos

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November 1

Obama & Biden redefinition of middle class

Obama Calls Low Taxes “Selfishness”

Barack Obama Defines Middle Class As 50-70K

Dear Mr. Obama: Who Are You?

October 31

BIG BROTHER Obama’s wants Government “Price Signals” “Change Your Behavior”


Gov. Schwarzenegger Campaigns for McCain-Palin

Richardson: Under Obama Those That Make 120K Get Tax Cut

RNC McCain Ad: Stooges

Rush airs a conversation between Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose

Does Obama Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?


October 30

Obama Hasn’t Done Anything Yet

October 28

Keep The Change

October 24

1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found! HE MUST SAVE BLACKS SO HE CAN BE SAVED.

“Middle Class” –

October 17
Obama Mocks Joe the Plumber, Crowd Laughs

Obamanites Attack Joe the Plumber

Laura Ingraham Bill O’Reilly Show Smearing Joe The Plumber.

Biden Mocks Joe the Plumber on Leno for Not Having Actual License Finds Evidence of Voter Fraud in Ohio

Barack Obama Cancels National Anthem At Campaign Rally

October 16

Joe The Plumber

Joe Biden Can’t Count

Watch all the ads from Let Freedom Ring

Joe Wurzelbacher “Joe the Plumber” of Toledo, Ohio

Gov. David Paterson can’t name an Obama bi-partisan success

October 14

“Chicken Button” –

Added on October 13
Obama tells plumber that he wants to “spread the wealth around”

Harlem voters


I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)
Obama’s Birth Certificate

UPDATE! – Barack Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Confirmed

How We Win This Debate: Tell America To Google The Facts!

Obama Kids

Obama: There Will Be Bamboozling II

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN – August 16, 2008 – Part I

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN – August 16, 2008 – Part II

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN – August 16, 2008 – Part III

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN – August 16, 2008 – Part V

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN – August 16, 2008 – Part IV

Devastating Obama Abortion ad —’s new commercial featuring abortion survivor Gianna Jesson

Dear Mr. Obama

Mark Levin puts Michelle Obama in her place

Funny ONES

Obama Added To Mount Rushmore

John McCain Brings Down The House – Al Smith Dinner Part 1

John McCain Brings Down The House! Alfred E. Smith Dinner Part 2

Obama National Anthem

Barack Obama: Did I Just Say That? Stutter..Stutter…Silence!

The Child

The One

The One II

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume II: In The Temple

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah Vol. III: Walking On Water

Barack Obama “Uh” Count on Letterman

Music Video: Obama uh uh uhh count romantics remix

Mr. Obama’s uh uh uhhh is funny even without any music!

Senator Obama- What was the question?

Obama lost without a teleprompter

Hey! Look everybody! I’ve Got a Bracelet, Too!!!!

MadTV New Baby Jealous Stuart Look What I can do!!!


Barack the Bird Flipper

Does Obama Give McCain The Finger?

Sites Mr. Colbert Should Visit
Obama Gaffes
Barack Obama Gaffes


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