Mr. Obama and his Lobbyist Friends

Ask European media to investigate fundraising fraud. Send a petition!

Pistez l’argent!

Mr. Colbert, why aren’t you poking fun at Mr. Obama’s “I’m independent” BS?

Mr. Colbert, Follow The Money!

October 22

Big Donors Drive Obama’s Money Edge

October 20

For Sale: Presidency, $605,000,000 o.b.o.

Mr. Obama and Lobbyists
Obama’s Grass Roots Donor MYTH

Barack Obama’s Fundraising Hypocrisy—a Lobbyist by Any Other Name…–a-lobbyist-by-any-other-name.html#read_more

Obama paid more than $800,00 to ACORN and tried to cover the money trail
Big donors get behind Obama

Obama’s Money Class (Obmaa’s Real Donors)

Let’s not forget Obama/Rezko sweetheart deal

Obama’s Small Donor Myth
Obama says he doesn’t take money from lobbyists, but he DOES
Obama Lobbyist Hypocrisy
Obama to Lobbyists: Use the Back Door Please
Obama’s Handler, David Axelrod is a lobbyist
Obama’s Lobbyist Connection
Obama’s K Street project
Obama’s Lobbyist Hypocrisy
Obama’s Money Cartel: How Barack Obama Fronted for the Most Vicious Predators on Wall Street

Obama tied to lobbyists, but boasts of not taking money (Sickeningly Disingenuous!)
Obama’s claim of independence questioned
Color of Money
Candidates for Sale

Mr. Colbert, why didn’t you smite Mr. Obama when he lied?
Mr. Obama says he doesn’t take money from big oil.
But He DOES!
Exxon Execs Gave More Money to Obama than McCain
Exxon Hearts Obama

Mr. Colbert, isn’t Mr. Obama’s Gaza contribution news worthy?
Aren’t you for fair play?
Palestinian donors in Gaza

Mr. Colbert, not only is Mr. Obama LOVED by the media, he’s also sooooo loved by lobbyists!

Mr. Colbert, did you know that Mr. Obama is also very popular in Nigeria?
From Nigeria to Mr. Obama: $630,000

Mr. Colbert, you love talking about Mrs. McCain’s 7 houses.
Why don’t you talk about Mr. Obama’s mysterious donors for a change?
Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign


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