Chicago Dirty

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Mr. O Is Not Just Dirty, He Is Chicago Dirty
Mr. Colbert, do you know what Mr. Obama did in Chicago?

Mr. Obama’s Housing Project: Only the facts and truth
Watch the video and read the article at The Boston Globe’s site
Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy
The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.

NPR did an interesting piece on Obama and his Chicago politics. Mr. Colbert, do visit the site and read all about it!
How Chicago Politics Shaped Obama

Yes, Mr. Colbert, Axelrod IS the New Karl Rove. We call him David AxelRove. He is just as dirty and clever as Mr. Rove!  Why don’t you read this article. Shivs You Can Believe In
The real test for any s
trategist: calibrating positive and negative. How David Axelrod will maintain the ‘brand.’

Mr. Colbert, do you remember Mrs. Obama’s comment about “running one’s own house”?
She said, “‘In my view, if you can’t run your own house, then you certainly can’t run the White House”
So, in her view, Mr. Obama, who can’t run his own housing project, certainly can’t run the White House.

Mr. Colbert, why aren’t you talking about Mr. Obama’s disappearing $100K ?
$100,000 DEAL | State to charity: What happened to garden money, other cash?,CST-NWS-watchdog25.article
Mr. Obama is no reformer. He was chin deep in corrupt Chicago politics,0,1898337.column

Obama and the Woods Fund
As a board member, Obama helped scratch a lot of backs with grants to politically connected groups.
Obama Acorn Ties
More on ACORN

What is Mr. Obama hiding and why is he hiding whatever he’s hiding?

Mr. Colbert, when are you going to expose Mr. Obama’s dirty tactics?
Mr. Obama is Mr. Negative.

Mr. Colbert, didn’t you know that Mr. Obama or his people orchestrated “grassroots” smear campaings against Sarah Palin ?
Then, when the cat was out of the bag, the Obama people tried to cover up.
Mr. Colbert, Axelrod’s wiki whitewash is sooooo funny! Absolutely hillarious satire material!!!
Obama Followers Internet Terrorism

Mr. Colbert,  you can’t tell me this isn’t funny.
Mr. Obama Tries to Bamboozle Hillary Voters.

I admire real community organizers.
But Mr. Obama is a fraud.

The Art of the Cover-up Chicago Style

Campaign Tactics
Mr. Colbert, don’t you think Mr. Obama’s Florist trick is funny?
It shows how far Mr. Obama is willing to go to “win”.
Obama-Biden Web Site Contains Instructions For Poll-Rigging


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