Silencing the Dissent

Je ne suis pas de votre avis, mais je défendrai jusqu’à la mort votre droit de l’exprimer.

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I used to respect the ACLU because they were fair. It even defended the right of a neo-Nazi group to demonstrate in heavily Jewish town.
But now, it’s doing nothing for those who are silenced, intimidated, threatened by Mr. Obama.
When did Mr. Obama become the Emperor and when did America become Obamanation?
What will happen if Mr. Obama actually become president?
Mr. Obama is not the President of the United States.
At least not yet.
But he’s already behaving like a dictator and making sure anybody who questions him is silenced.
Imagine what could happend to those of you who dare raise a voice against the ONE if he becomes president!
Do you want to live in a police state?
If your answer is no, then vote for McCain and stop Obama!

List of Obama’s Scary Attacks on Free Speech    Updated Daily

November 4

Man Arrested for Wearing McCain Shirt at Obama Victory Rally

November 1

State employee says she was ordered to check out Joe the Plumber


October 31

Obama at Khalidi bash: Israelis commit “genocide”, have “no God-given right to occupy Palestine”

Palin Fears Media Threaten Her First Amendment Rights

Three Reporters From McCain-Endorsing Newspapers Removed From Obama’s Plane

Washington Times kicked off Obama plane for finale

October 28

Ohio’s Head of Job and Family Services Approved a Child-Support Search on Joe Wurzelbacher Immediately After Third Debate;
Her Excuse? “Oh, We Always Do That”
Confirmed: Max Donor to Obama

Inspector general investigating access to Joe the Plumber’s personal information
October 27


October 25

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden

After releasing this morning’s numbers showing McCain ahead in Ohio and Florida, the Strategic Vision polling company received several death threats through the contact e-mail on the company’s web site.

October 20

Silencing the Already Silenced Majority

October 19
Secret Service visits Lufkin woman just because she was rude to an Obama campaign volunteer

He’s articulated the animating principles of America better than anyone on either side in this campaign. Which is why the O-Bots need to destroy him. As Obama’s catchphrase goes:
“Joe the Plumber!
Can we fix him?
Joe the Plumber!
Yes, we can!”
October 17

Welcome to the USSA under Czar Barack Hussein Obama.
Because Joe the Plumber dared to ask a candidate who knocked on his door an uncomfortable question, the angry, fringe left is in a rage, doing everything it can to throw him under the Obama Flip-Flop Express. Pro-Obama Ohio officials are planning to tell Joe is he no longer allowed to work.

The war against Joe The Plumber is the war on voters

October 11

Congressional Democrats sought to reimpose the “fairness doctrine” on broadcasters, which until it was repealed in the 1980s required equal time for different points of view. The motive was plain: to shut down the one conservative-leaning communications medium, talk radio. Liberal talk-show hosts have mostly failed to draw audiences, and many liberals can’t abide having citizens hear contrary views.
Obama vs. Free Speech

New York teachers sue over ban on Obama campaign buttons
Teachers Sue Over Right to Politic

October 8

Obama Wages War on Freedom of Speech


Mr. Obama’s Police State
Mr. Colbert, why aren’t you attacking Mr. Obama’s assault on free speech?
Missouri Prosecutors and Sheriffs intimidate non-Obama Supporters
Obamination: Obama Supporters Bob McCulloch, Jennifer Joyce Threaten to Prosecute People For Criticizing Obama
Political Intimidation worthy of the 3rd World
Missouri Governor’s Statement
Of “Truth Squads” and fear of free speech: “Heed Their Rising Voices”—and-fear—the-power-of-the-political-ads.html
Missouri Gov. Interview
The Question is Who Else?
Obama Muzzling the Media

Are those public servants going to do something to stop lies about Sarah Palin and John McCain?
Mr. Obama repeatedly lied and said that John McCain wants Iraq War to last 100 years.
Mr. Obama lies about Mr. McCain’s Social Security plan.
Mr. Obama’s lying about stem cells!
Distorting McCain’s Remarks
From the Fact Check Desk: Obama’s New Spanish Language TV Ad Es Erróneo

Mr. Colbert, why aren’t you mocking Mr. Obama’s people’s Bush-like tactics?
Silencing Critics Using the Barack Obama Method
Why is the University of Mary Washington inhibiting free speech at Obama-Biden rally?

Mr. Colbert, would you be silent if McCain supporters shut down anti-McCain blogs?
Did you know that Obama followers are silencing the dissent systematically?
Obama Goon Squad Shuts Down Macsmind Blog
Toilet Swimming Has Become An Olympic Event In Obamaworld
Anti Oama Blog Shutdowns: Spam Attack from IPs Assigned to
Obama: Shut Down Dissension
Google Shuts Down Anti-Obama Sites on its Blogger Platform
Anti Obama Blogs Locked Due To False “SPAM” Reporting
Obama followers and Google shut down anti-Obama sites
Google shuts down another site
Banned from MyDD for Questioning Obama and Demanding a Roll Call Vote for Hillary
How Obama Controls the Media and Silences the Dissent
Freedom from the Press


One Response to Silencing the Dissent

  1. wesupchurch says:

    Obama’s wants us to be a socialist nation.

    They want to abolish opinions on the radio…

    And personally Obama has minions preying upon all critism of himself. If you say anything bad the Obama Squad may come after you…

    He’s killing freedom of speech and that scares me.

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