Arrogance, ton non est EGObama.

Ask European media to investigate fundraising fraud. Send a petition!

Mr. Obama looked like a pampered, arrogant, attention craving childish prima donna, constantly interrupting adults’ conversation.
He didn’t even have the courtesy nor patience to let Mr. McCain finish his comment.
So sad…..
Mr. Obama: Me, too! I have a bracelet! Look at me!!!! Me! Me! Me! Look what I’ve got!!!

Stewart on MAD TV: Look what I can do!

List of EGObama related articles

October 31

Obama raising money to fund presidential transition

October 25

Building a White House Team Before the Election Is Decided

Mr. Colbert,  you like making fun of snooty narcissists, don’t you?
Obama, Oprah, and the Guru: Malignant Narcissism

Mr Colbert, why don’t you tell Mr. EGObama to go through the narssistic check list?

Messiah Complex

Bush or Obama?
Mr. Colbert, you were very good at ridiculing Mr. Bush’ messiah complex.
Why don’t you ridicule Mr. Obama’s messiah complex, too?
Obama’s Democratic Talking Points: Remind Everyone I’m Their Messiah
The Real Bush Third Term
Mr. Colbert, look at Obama halo pix.
Don’t those pictures remind you of Bush halo pictures?
Mr. Colbert, I remember you mocking Bush’s Presidential Prayer Club.
Why didn’t you poke fun at Obama’s prayer club?
Emperor Obama–behind-the-scenes-at-the-building-of-the-greek-temple-of-obamis.aspx
Mr. Colbert, doesn’t Emperor Obama’s temple remind you of Bush’s 2004 temple?

Mr. Colbert, come on, admit it!
Mr. EgObama is really laughable!
Watch the Ego, O
Obama Narcissus
Mr. Obama, Greek God or Roman Emperor?
6-million-dollar Temple for the ONE (4 weeks before the financial crisis)
Mr. Obama doesn’t want to be president of the United States. He wants to be the president of ObamaReich with his own Obama Flag, President Seat and Presidential Seal and Obama sign.
The audacity of ego

Mr. Obama’s Freudian Slips
Mr. Colbert, Mr. Obama’s Freudian slips are sooooo funny! Perfect satire material!
Mr. EGObama calls himself President–obama-audacity-much–calls-himself-president-errrr-candidate-for-president.aspx
Mr. Colbert, Mr. Obama’s Freudian slips are sooooo funny! Perfect satire material!
Mr. Obama calls himself President–obama-audacity-much–calls-himself-president-errrr-candidate-for-president.aspx
Mr. Obama: I win that contest (negative ad contest) pretty handy.
Mr. Obama’s Muslim Faith


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