Our Beloved Leader Chairman ObaMao

Nur wer die Jugend besitzt gewinnt die Zukunft.

Ask European media to investigate fundraising fraud. Send a petition!

The most terrible danger of a personality cult

White Children love Michelle Obama – Socialist Propaganda Film

I used to live under dictatorship.
We had to sing for our leader and we had to write poems praising our leader.
A lot of things Obama’s doing remind me of that “Worship Our Leader” brainwashing.

Every time I see Obama pandering to a huge crowd, I feel those cold shivers of fear.
Remember what Padme said in Revenge of the Sith?
“This is how liberty dies…… with thunderous applause.”

Mr. Colbert, don’t you think Obama Cult and its followers are laughable and scary at the same time?
Mr. Colbert, have you seen this video?
Obama Supporter Children Sing for Change
Mr. Colbert, do you know the Obama hand sign?
So, not only is Mr. Obama the new Bush, he is also the new Kim Jong Il and the new Mao Zedong!
SCARY!!! But Funny at the same time! Another great satire material!
Which is scarier, Jesus Camp kids?
or Obama Cult kids?
Jesus Camp Kids morph to Obama Cult Kids
Mr. Colbert, Brainwashing Children is WRONG!
Obama Campaign is the Dem version of Jesus Camp

What the hell is Mr. Obama’s “Universal Voluntary Public Service” program ?
Mr. Colbert, aren’t you curious?

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October 30

Obama and the Politics of Crowds
The masses greeting the candidate on the trail are a sign of great unease.


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