Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

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Obama’s Plan: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Mr. Obama is NOT Robbin Hood.
Robin Hood took the money that belonged to the citizens back from the evil lord who stole from his subjects.
Mr. Obama wants to take money that rightfully belongs to the people who worked hard for it and give it to others.
That’s not Robin Hood. That’s Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.
If this is not socialism, I don’t know what socialism is.
I know socialism. I used to live in Amsterdam.
Holland is a socialistic country.
Great welfare, great pention, health care for everyone, everyone is equal, no real rich people, no poor people, everybody is middle class, and of course legalized prostitution and drugs… that’s Holland.
When you live in Holland, you don’t have to worry about your future because the government takes care of you no matter what. If you don’t have a job, you’ll get government handhouts and you can live comfortably, so people with no drive won’t even try to find a job. I personally knew a lot of people who were on the dole FOREVER because you can be lazy and unemployed and you can still live a comfortable life.

This kind of “comfort” is, indeed, not so bad for those who don’t really have any aspirations.
But for those with aspirations, the Dutch economic system is nothing but discouragement.
They know the more they work and the more they earn, the more they get taxed. They know productivity is penalized. They know they can NEVER get really rich because the government makes sure that everybody is middle class.
So, they become clock-watchers. They work just enough to get enough money to live comfortably like everyone else. They get lethargic, unmotivated and lose a drive. They lose creativity.
And that’s perfectly fine because the unions have so much power they know they won’t get fired unless they do something really bad, like commit a murder and get convicted.

But what about those with real ambitions, the ones with innovative ideas, inventive spirits, creativity, great work ethics and a drive for success?
THEY ALL COEM TO AMERICA LEGALLY in pursuit of the great American Dream!
That is why America IS the greatest country on earth.

According to Mrs. Obama, “most Americans don’t want much. Folks don’t want the whole pie.” (Well, speak for yourself, Mrs. Obama!)
So, if you are one of those “most Americans who don’t want much”,  then you will be fine with Mr. Obama’s America.
The question is, are you?
Do you really want Mr. Obama to take away your “American Dream” by making America more like Holland?

I grew up being told “Aide-toi et le ciel t’aidera.”(Help yourself and the heaven will help you) and “Impossible n’est pas français.”(Nothing is impossible). I prefer John McCain’s America to Mr. Obama’s welfare state.

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