Giving jobs is better than giving a sheep

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

I have several Arabian friends.
Once I asked one of them why oil rich Arabians were not giving financial aids to fellow Muslims in poor muslim countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This was his answer.

“We do give financial aids to poor Islamic countries. Arabs are generous because being kareem (generous) is the way of Allah. We give zakaat(religious required giving of one’s wealth, Islamic version of alms). But we don’t just give away money. We do more.
If a Bedouin shepherd encounters a beggar, he will ask the beggar to stay with him and work with him. He won’t just give a sheep to the beggar, because when he kills a sheep and eats all its meat, he will be a beggar again.
We are building many hotels and resorts in our country and we hire people from those poor muslim countries. They make more money in a year in our country than they can ever make in their lifetime in their countries.
Besides, Mulims are pround people and Allah encourages hardwork. When an able Muslim man receives handouts, he feels ashamed. When he eanrs money, he feels proud.  We appreciate hard earned money than handouts.”

I have no idea how those poor Muslim workers’ working conditions are. (All I can say is that they can’t be worse than the working conditions in their own countries. I know those countires. I lived in some of those countries.)
But one thing is clear.
Giving them jobs is better than giving them a sheep.

I hope American people are just as proud as Muslims.

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2 Responses to Giving jobs is better than giving a sheep

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