Obama’s Stalinesque America

Ask European media to investigate Obama’s fundraising fraud! Sample letter in German is here.

List of Palin Attacks

Silencing the Dissent
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Why Liberals Love Socialism

Emperor Obama Can’t Handle The Truth

A citizen who asks a reasonable question is crucified,
A reporter who asks tough questions is denied access and ostracized.
Anyone who voted Hillary or who votes for McCain is called a racist.

This is not America I know. This is the third world I used to live in.

Any nation can turn into a police state, so I can actually believe America can turn into dictatoship.
What I cannot believe is that at least half of its citizens are welcoming this trend and that they are liberal Democrats(most of them well educated)!

I used to live under dictatorship.
In the third world, you can NEVER EVER question the leader. You can’t even say a casual joke about the leader and his family.
If you do, your co-workers and neighbors will report your comment to an askari (soldier) and you will be punished.

In the third world, all the news programs are government propaganda and all the movie stars praise the beloved leader.

There, the dissenting adults have to play along and praise the leader because that’s the only way to survive.
Since they are scared of getting caught red handed, they never say anything remotely critical of the leader even when they are with their own family memebers. Because they know they may be bugged., their own brother could be a government informer. (With right amount of money anyone can be bought and be turned into an informer.)
They are so afraid that they don’t even tell their children what they really think and their children grow up to believe that their leader is actually the gift from God!
Mass brainwashing works like a charm.

I live in a college town and almost everybody I know is an Obama supporter.
One of my friends is a former Hillary supporter but he says he pretends to support Obama and he even tells his young child not to say anything bad about Obama because he’s afraid his child will be picked on in a very liberal school she goes to.

There was a time, not so long ago, when we were afraid to speak against Bush. The media were his cheerleaders and any anti-Bush comment was censored and protesters were allowed to protest only in a free speech zone.
But even them, we knew that if we ever get into any trouble we could always count on the ACLU.

Now the ACLU is totally in the tank for Obama and the very same bloggers who decried the censorship by the Bush administration is praising Obama who employs the same Stalinesque tactics.

We all know that an Obama supporter Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services OK’d the check on Joe the Plumber, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.
If Obama gets elected, things like this will be  government officials’ must-do high priority tasks and they will be using government computers legally to dig up dirt on anyone and everyone who dares speak out.

I hope liberal Democrats will wake up from Obama’s mass hyposis before it’s too late.

If Obama gets selected, those who don’t support Obama would have to dig a hole like King Midas’ barber and shout into it “Obama is a fraud!”

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