Obama Doesn’t Know the Reality of European Socialism

Please ask European media to investigate Obama’s fundraising fraud! I’ve written two sample letters in German here and here.

European Style Socialism: Stale, Stagnant, Stingy

La liberté est tellement précieuse qu’il faut la rationner.  ….Lénine

It’s amusing to hear Democrats who have never lived in Europe praise European style socialism and say that Europeans enjoy a higher quality of life.
Every single time I hear this comment, I laugh and then I think to myself maybe I should cry for their ignorance.
I thought America was the party of liberty, while Europe was the party of equality.
There’s nothing more boring than a country where everybody is equal.

I grew up and lived in many different countires, mostly Europe including Holland (the most socialistic country in Europe) not as a visitor from the United States(who has a wayout, who’s not really bound by the European socialistic system) but as an EU citizen and I find their way of life comfortable, satisfactory, safe and BORING!!!
And yes, compared to the life of the people at the bottom of the social pyramid in America, Europeans do have a higher quality of life.
They work to live while Americans live to work.
They know the government will take good care of them and that they don’t have to worry about themselves, so they can be self-centered and lazy!!!They usually work at one company for a long time, so they can see what their future is going to be like. They can make a long-term plan and they can feel safe.
They do have more paid holidays they enjoy “cozy”  holidays suitable for American lower middle class people.

Most of my family members, relatives and friends still live in Europe (mostly in French and German speaking countries).

When they watched Michael Moore’s Sicko, they told me to “come back to Europe because America is such a horrible country.”
They are satisfied with their way of life because most of them have lived their whole life in Europe and they don’t know any better.
Since most of them are typical liberal intellectuals and they’ve never tried to start a business, they just can’t appreciate the limitless opportunities only American can give. They have no idea how easy it is to start a business in America.
There are so many restrictions and so many hurdles to clear to start a new business in Europe, but in America all you need is a great idea and a reasonable amount of money.

But since their definition of happiness is a “safe, comfortable life without any surprises”, no matter how much and how often I explained to them why I prefer America they just don’t get it.

When they heard that a Swedish rock star relocated to a tax haven country, a lot of my friends and relatives complained that he is unpatriotic. I don’t know how they would feel if they happen to become super rich themselves and the government would take away 90% of their income, but they can’t even imagine a situation like that because they are complacent and totally content witt the lives they have.

European style socialism is not bad for those with no aspirations.

But for those with aspirations, those with dreams, those who want more and give more, it’s a deadend.
If you want an opportunity to be successful, you wouldn’t want to live in Europe.
And it’s not just because success is punished with taxes in Europe. It’s because the whole structure is set up to make sure that everybody is equal = nobody will get ahead of others.
There’s a Dutch proverb that goes “A peg that’s stcking out will be hit” That’s the European socilist mentality.

Suppose you have a great business idea and you want to start your own business.
First you’d have to hire a few people, but you’d have to wonder if it’s worth a try.
Because in most of the European countries, unions have so much power and once you hire somebody, you just can’t fire him/her unless you have a water-tight case against him/her.

So if you hire a lazy person, you are stuck with him forever and there’s nothing you can do about it.
And since the longer one is hired the higher pension he gets, the lazy person will not quit voluntarily even if you give him a boring and uninspiring job.

Now imagine a company with  one or a few employees who are totally lazy.
Do you think the rest of the employees will work even fairly hard knowing that their lazy co-workers are getting paid without actually working?
Besides our employees don’t have to work really hard and they won’t to begin with because they know productivity will be just punished by higher taxes.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that no hard-working positive thinker with aspirations can appreciate European style socialism.
We all know the famous Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”
The ant won’t work as hard if he knows that no matter how much he works through the summer part of his supplies he stocked up is to be taken away from him by the government to be handed out to the grasshopper who plays the summer away.

Obama recently said “By the end of the week, he(McCain) will be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my — I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Obama is missing the whole point. Those who don’t support Obama’s socialistic plans are generous and hard-working. We love sharing on our own terms. Unlike the stingy and selfish Obamas and the miser Bidens, we love giving to charity voluntarily. We just don’t want the middleman (the Obamas and the Bidens and the government) to steal what rightfully belongs to us.
Obama calls hard-workers who want to keep their hard-earned money and give a big chunk to charity “selfish”. That’s because 1: Obama has never lived in Europe and is ignorant of the reality of European socialism and 2: because it’s Obama and his ilk who are selfish and  they don’t want to give their money to charity unless the government pries it from their cold dead hands.
Not wanting to punish creativity, productivity and aspirations is not selfishness.
What’s truly selfish is not wanting to give one’s money to charity unless government forces one to do so, and punishing successful people who create jobs for others.

Obama socialism – Spread the wealth around (his own words) Obama and Biden gifting

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5 Responses to Obama Doesn’t Know the Reality of European Socialism

  1. John says:

    The above is total BS.
    I lived in Germany,Austria and Swizerland.

  2. jeanm says:

    I don’t think you understand one bit of the European way of life (which is , by the way, a generalisation and doesn’t exist as such ..). Equality doesn’t mean we’re all the same. And if socialism means we’ve got a good working health care plan etc. then give me socialism. (And, also by the way, Holland has a christian democrat government – your knowledge of foreign matters is as good as that of Mrs. Palin).
    a non-socialist European

  3. Thank you so very much, jeanm!!!
    Your comment “Holland has a Christian Democrat government ” just made my point!
    Please watch this great video!!!
    The Winds Of Change: Our Fight For Economic Freedom! Obama Bombshell

  4. Anybody who believes this crackhead has it coming. I mean, what a total fucktard. Europe is richer without drooling zero-brains like this lamer hanging around.

  5. European-man says:

    Never forget that american peoples are just european.
    Your country was born in 1776; european countries much earlier.
    We have history, we are socialists and we love it!

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