Obama The Bat in an Aesop fable

On caresse la vache avant de la traire.

You already know this story, right?

Obama – under my plan electricity prices will skyrocket

Since I’m a tree-hugging far left liberal, what Obama said doesn’t surprise me a bit.

What angers me is his dishonesty. He tells one thing to San Francisco liberals and says something totally different to rural Americans.

Don’t we all love San Francisco? That city brings the truth out of Obama!

And there’s of course Rev. Wright.

Obama reminds me of the bat in an Aesop fable called The Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts

There was a war  between the Birds and the Beasts. When the Birds were winning, the Bat went to the Birds and said “Let me join for I am a Bird.”.  When the Beasts started to gain ground, the Bat went to the Beasts and said “I’ll join you because I am a Beast”.
When peace was made both the Birds and the Beasts turned against him and he had to fly away.

Now, replace the Bat with Obama, the Birds with San Francisco liberals or African Americans, the Beasts with the bitter clingy working class people or Caucasians.

The only difference would be the ending. If Obama becomes president, he will show his true colors and will be loved by San Francisco liberals and the African Americans.

Dear Mr. Obama: Who Are You?

Obama & Biden redefinition of middle class

Barack Obama Defines Middle Class As 50-70K

BIG BROTHER Obama’s wants Government “Price Signals” “Change Your Behavior”

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