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I’m an ACLU/SierraClub-card-carrying-bleeding-heart-pro-gay-marriage-pro-choice-pro-gun-control-tree-hugging-vevan-pro-animal-rights-far-left Democrat who’s disgusted by
*Mr. Obama’s Stalinisque tactics to silence the dissent
*Mr. Obama and his people’s race bating
*Mr. Obama and his people’s Rovian caucus fraud and voter fraud
*Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s hypocrisy
*the Obamedia
*Obama Cult Followers thuggery
*Obama people’s mean-spirited-hate -spewing intolerance and nasty attacks on anybody who doesn’t support the One.

I do not support Mr. Obama because Mr. Obama is the personification of everything I despise about Karl Rove and the Bush administration.
In other words,  I do not support Mr. Obama because I am a Democrat.

Let me make myself crystal clear.
I do not hate Mr. Obama.
I do not hate him here or there.
I do not hate him anywhere.
I only have contempt for him.
Hass ist eine Herzensfrage; Verachtung die des Kopfes.

I pity those Obama Cult followers who know nothing about issues or democracy and label everybody who doesn’t support Obama a racist. They vote Obama because it’s cool.
Meet the typical Obama followers.

Do they, like, know, like, anything about, like, issues? Um, you know, like economy, like, you know….
Are they for real? Or are they Karl Rove’s plant?

Race has nothing to do with PUMAs not supporting Obama.
Only people who injected race into this election are Mr. Obama himself, his people and his followers.
Democrats who don’t support Mr. Obama are not bitter.
They are more informed.

Haqieqat K. F.



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