Open Letter to Mr. Stephen Colbert

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Open Letter to Mr. Stephen Colbert

October 5, 2008

Mr Colbert,
You used to be funny. You used to be my favorite comedian.
Now, a real journalist is funnier than you,

Your show and Jon Stewart’s show used to be the only shows that had enough guts to tell the truth about the Bush administration when all the pundits, anchors, reporters were Bush’s mouthpieces.

Now, almost all the pundits, anchors and reporters are so blatantly in the tank for Obama and so are you. You have just become one of them.

Where is justice? Where is real journalistm?
Where has your sense of humor gone?

Did Mr. Obama throw it under the bus?

Mr. Colbert, you are a court jester at King Obama’s Obamedia court. Obama IS the establishment backed by the media.Obama IS the Man. Obama IS the New Bush.
Shouldn’t you be sticking it to the man?

Your job is to throw a counterpunch at the lying media and dirty politicians who are protected by the lying media.
Your job is to mock the Obamedia and Mr. Obama’s hypocrisy.

Until you start doing your job, Mr. Colbert, you are dead to me.




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