Intolerant Democrats

Ask European media to investigate fundraising fraud. Send a petition!

Niemand rechnet mit der Spanischen Inquisition!

Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be tolerant and inclusive?

Un démocrate est tolérant et juste.
Son cœur connaît que la vertu.
Sa bouche ne dit que vérités

Yeah, right.

Mr. Colbert, you like attacking right wing hate mongers.
Why not also attack the hate mongers from the left?
They are just as vicious.

November 16

The Intolerance of Liberal Activists and a T-Shirt Experiment
Tolerance fails T-shirt test,0,2881384.column?page=1
October 29

Two people were arrested Monday afternoon after an altercation led to five Republican campaign workers being sprayed with Mace at their headquarters in Galax.

October 17

Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in New York

October 12

Obama-loving Hate-mongers


The Hate-Mongering Left—Whoda Thunk It?

Mr. Colbert, if a rightwing site started a vicious rumor about Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their children, wouldn’t you be ridiculing that site?

New York! New York!
How “Tolerant” Far Left Liberals In NYC Treat Conservatives

Hate Springs Eternal  (Pual Krugman on Hate Spewing Obama Followers)
Obama Supporters: Why they hate
Attack Of The Killer Wing Nuts

Mr. Colbert, if Toby Keith was wearing a T-shirt that reads BUSH OR DIE, wouldn’t you be poking fun at him? Did you ridicule P Diddy with his OBAMA OR DIE T-shirt?


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  1. […] Colbert, we, the Democrats, are kind, aren’t we? We are even kind to animals and all living creatures like trees and moose, except […]

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